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Restaurant May Flower changed its name to May Mei

The Chinese restaurant of the Lai family moved into the Junkernstraße 1 and is now in the hands of the Tung family. But the Lai familiy still works in the new restaurant. Although the name is new, the excellent Asian cuisine and friendly service which the guests can enjoy in the restaurant remained.

The name should be contemporarily adapted to the new location and the changing environment. “May Mei” literally means “taste good”. If something “tastes good”, then we always say “May Mei” has been explained. And the delicious taste is exactly what is most important for the customers.


By the end of 2012, the Chinese restaurant was to be found in Lutterweg. The new premises in the Junkersstraße 1, in the center of Hermannsburg, first had to be prepared for restaurant operations. As it happens with old homes, they contain a surprise or two and everything takes longer than expected. Instead of beginning of March it was ready at last on 24 April: The restaurant May Mei with Asian specialties opened its door for the first time. The opening times are also new. There is no longer a day of rest. It is open daily 11:45 to 14:45 and 17:30 to 22:30.


The entrance is on the street Heidberg. The new spacious restaurant presents itself brightly and friendly. The large rooms offer more opportunities than ever before. For example, there is a small separate room for small meetings and separate eating. Also new is a special room for celebrations. The first reservations are already there. 


An open-view kitchen has been prepared in the restaurant to be possibly taken into operation in autumn. Here the chefs may be watched when they are cooking. This can also be easily integrated into buffets. The still extensive and varied menu has been streamlined somewhat in order to make the choice easier for the guests. Dishes with duck meat are still the specialty of the restaurant May Mei.


New are Hot Wok menus: The guest will receive his dish at the table served in a small wok which provides with lighting gel that the Asian dish gets hot on your plate from the first to the last bite. “This is very well received by our guests”, is reported. “Many guests like their food very hot to the last bite. And we want to answer as many wishes of our guests as possible.”

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